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Landscaping Services

     Here at Atlas Green we offer a variety of landscaping services tailored to each of our customers wants and needs. From raised gardens, fire pits, ponds, fountains, you name it! We are happy to create it! Below is a quick list of some garden based landscaping ideas we are currently running on special: 

  Zen Garden: We can help you create a relaxing garden space by adding oriental based plants, sounds, and even a pond stocked with koi fish! Warm lighting features and a sand pit (with rake) complete this design.  


  Recipe Garden:  Herb garden? Vegetable garden? Maybe even a pizza garden!? Lets have some fun and start a delicious garden based off your favorite culinary delights!


  Sound Garden: Water features and wind chimes paired with nature's sounds add touches of harmonic bliss within the peaceful confines of your garden. 


  Country Cottage: A classic look for your home landscape that features contrasting plant colors, shrubs, and walkways.


  Bird Paradise: Bird houses, perches, baths, and feeders are added in abundance along with known avian favorite plants to attract our little flying friends!


  Secret Garden: For those who need an escape from the stresses of everyday life, let us provide a beautiful space just for you. (Getaway shed's possible, just inquire!)


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