Michigan winters can be long, but they are necessary and contribute to the growth and preservation of Michigan’s natural beauty. After the long process of dormancy comes the awakening and my personal favorite time of the year: Spring!

  To prepare for Spring, Atlas Green goes through a lengthy process of budgeting, checking our equipment, calibrating, discussing future ideas/goals, and finally; we learn, test, license, repeat.

At this point, as the snow melts, big changes happen to your lawn and landscape. During the dethawing of your lawn, you may notice oversaturation of your turf and maybe even some leftover leaves from last fall. In most cases, both are not an issue, but there are some special circumstances to be noted. A major part of our spring clean-up is tackling these issues. Our main focus: leaves, sticks, and debris!

Should I pick up my leaves before or after fall? Are there any other solutions?












  Leaves can be great for lawns in smaller amounts if left over the winter. They can insulate during cold months and protect the bases of your trees and shrubs. They can even promote the growth of your perennials (at 1”-2” leaf thickness, at most) by producing nitrogen as they rot. Still, if that layer becomes wet and thick, it can act like a carpet for growth of bacteria, mold, and promoting pests into your turf. Some of these new problems can carry over into spring causing plant suffocation, slippery walkways, and many other problems. We recommend that if you have an over abundance of leaves but still want to follow the plant cycle without some of the issues to mulch the leaves.

How and why we mulch:

  Mulching is a great way to preserve the natural plant cycle, keep plants insulated during winter, but still allow oxygen to reach the turf. This is our preferred method as it as nature intended, but even better because it essentially allows plants to get a more efficient dose of nitrogen!

At Atlas Green we can only mulch your leaves in fall. This is due to the saturation of the leaves and your turf during the ideal Spring clean-up season. When we mulch your leaves, some examples of the things you will see us using are a mixture of commercial equipment such as a lawn vacuums, leaf blowers, and leaf mulchers (that often double as woodchippers!)

What to do when mulching isn’t an option:

  If the leaves are over saturated and you still want them gone, there is an option! You can go the old-fashioned way with a rake. It is time consuming and tedious but can be effective. While you are doing this, you can continue the process of spring cleanup: remove twigs, branches, and other debris!

1: Purchase a wet and dry poly leaf rake(aim for a width or spread of about 26”)










2: Lay a tarp and remember wet leaves weigh more than dry so be mindful of how much you put on this tarp. (This job can be challenging so we recommend eating a good breakfast the day of.) Take all debris and leaves gathered and put them in the tarp.











3: Proceed to clean!

When we do the job, our company takes the leaves and debris to a local composting site. We recommend you compost too! If you choose to use us for Spring cleanup or not, we still offer to transfer your clipping to the local compost site as well. (Call for more information about this service) We can also help build or recommend to you the right type of composter!













  As always, wear protective gear (ear and eye wear, long sleeves, etc). Also, please be safe while handling machinery and equipment! Please click this link to see what the next step is to a healthy lawn:


We enjoy the do-it-yourself approach, but if you want any help or guidance just give us a call. We are starting our season April 1st this year, but we are in office right NOW! We can’t wait to hear from you and get this season started!


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Spring Clean-Up